<span>Filipinos clean the tombs of their loved ones in preparation for All Saints' Day at the Novaliches Public Cemetery.</span>
<span>Dogs find shelter on top of a tomb at the Manila South Cemetery, October 28, 2016. People are slowly flocking to the cemeteries days before All Souls Day as they honor the dead in this yearly tradition. </span>
<span>Relatives visit their departed loved ones a day ahead of the observance of All Saints Day at the Manila South Cemetery in Makati City.</span>
<span>Early visitors clean up and light candles at their relative's grave in the public cemetery of Barangay Barangka, Marikina City on October 30, 2015.</span>
<span>A young girl carefully tends the bouquets in her stall at Dangwa flower market in Manila on October 28, 2015. After Typhoon Lando destroyed farmlands in Baguio City, where most of the blooms come from, finding the right flowers at the right price has become a difficult quest for those making the yearly pilgrimage to cemeteries to visit their loved one's graves.</span>