<span>Budget shoppers and sidewalk vendors take over the main road in Divisoria, Manila, as vehicles are relegated to side streets. Tired of "anarchy" in the popular shopping center, Mayor Joseph Estrada  has ordered the city police's SWAT unit to reinforce the task force in charge of maintaining order in the area.</span>
<span>Commuters walk from Edsa to Baclaran after authorities closed down portions of EDSA to use exclusively for APEC leaders.</span>
<span>Commuters and drivers experience heavy traffic along Edsa near Taft Avenue  after authorities closed several roads in the metro for exclusive use of APEC leaders. </span>
<span>Commuters inside a public bus wait for traffic to move on along Edsa corner Ortigas after a heavy downpour in the Metro caused flooding in different areas slowing traffic, September 10, 2015.</span>
<span>Traffic is light at Edsa-Ortigas, one of the six choke points on Edsa at 4pm of September 7, 2015, the first day of the Highway Patrol Group's deployment to Metro Manila's busiest highway to ease traffic congestion.</span>
<span>Commuters experience heavy traffic in Edsa during the morning rush hour of September 7, 2015, the day the Highway Patrol Group is tasked to manage Metro Manila's busiest highway.</span>