toym imao

<span>The University of the Philippines opens the Christmas season with the unveiling of Toym Imao's installation "Budyong." In line with the theme “Himig ng Diliman,” the Oblation was designed to be surrounded by lantern elements that take the shape of a conch shell or a “budyong” that is used as a horn, an instrument that dates back to the pre-colonial era.</span>
<span>A man walks past the "Halls of Desaparecidos" inside the People Power Experiential museum in Quezon City on February 22, 2016. 43 statues form part of sculptor Toym Imao's installation in memory of those who disappeared during martial law. </span>
<span>A newly lit installation by artist Toym Imao gives the Oblation on the campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City a colorful Yuletide look. Imao designed the "Pagiilaw" to usher in the Christmas season at the UP community during a ceremonial lighting on Nov. 27. </span>