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<span>Pupils of the University of Baguio Elementary School go beneath their desks as they participate in the quarterly nationwide earthquake drill. Baguio City was devastated by the 1990 Luzon earthquake and had to rebuild for the second time, since it was destroyed when it was liberated from invading Japanese forces towards the end of World War II. </span>
<span>The Philippine Military Academy Cadet Corps follows a ritual called "dunking," by soaping 167 members of graduating Salaknib Class of 2017 and then throwing them into a pool of water, March 11, 2017. This class has set a milestone for having 8 female cadets among its top ten cadets. </span>
<span>Philippine Military Academy "Salaknib" (Sanggalang ay Lakas at Buhay Na Alay Para sa Kalayaan ng Ibang Bayan) top cadets pose for photograph inside the academy in Baguio City. The topnotcher, Cadet First Class Rovi Mairel Martinez from Cabanatuan City ranked first among 167 members of the class of 2017. </span>
<span>Miss Universe candidates join the flower parade in Baguio City,  January 18, 2017. Four giant floats and hundreds of street dancers provide a preview of the famed Panagbenga Festival to Miss Universe candidates.</span>
<span>A participant from Quezon province dons a costume which made use of coconut fiber during the 21st staging of the Baguio Flower Festival street dancing parade on February 27, 2016. </span>
<span>Relatives of 44 Special Action Force members, slain in last year's Mamasapano massacre, gathered by Burnham Lake in Baguio City  to float candles in the water ahead of the Jan. 25 memorial of the tragedy. </span>
<span>Farmers and their clans in Hungduan, Ifugao province, take part in "baddang"(community sharing) and the staging of "Ponnok," a thanksgiving ritual for good harvest.
The clans share food and advice, compete in games and plan activities to ensure that good harvests continue in the next planting season, August 31, 2015.
<span>The Philippine Military Academy Corps of cadets honors outgoing Police Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina, acting chief of the Philippine National Police, with a testimonial parade at the PMA grounds in Baguio City on June 20, 2015 . Espina, a member of PMA Dimalupig Class of 1981, will retire on July. </span>
<span>Sometimes graffiti can make one think, such as this ominous message painted on the walls of a community in Ifugao on April 28, 2014.</span>