<span>Pacman the dog inside the Top Rank gym in Las Vegas.     </span>
<span>Manny Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune walks his dogs at the Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California on April 4, 2016. Fortune said Manny is in perfect condition for his fight against Timothy Bradley Jr. on Saturday (Sunday, Philippine time).    </span>
<span>A stray cat finds an unlikely "nursing mom" in a dog on the steps of a building in Manila on August 13, 2015, belying once that there is a universal, age-old animosity between mankind's top two home companions.</span>
<span>A Manila City pound personnel captures a dog owned by ambulant vendors along Roxas Boulevard in Manila during a clean up drive on June 4, 2015.</span>
<span>Pacman the dog rests inside Manny Pacquiao's mansion in Hollywood, CA. </span>
<span>Manny Pacquiao and his team takes a break upon reaching Dante's Peak at Griffith Park during his morning run on Wednesday, 22 April 2015.</span>
<span>Pacman the dog runs with Team Pacquiao inside Pan Pacific Park in Hollywood, CA. on Tuesday morning, 21 April 2015.</span>
<span>The rooftop serves as veritable Noah's Ark of a few animals-cats, dogs, chickens and ducks-after the owners abandoned the submerged house in Barangay Gugo, Calumpit, Bulacan, October 1, 2011. Unfortunately, rescue workers could only evacuate humans.</span>