<span>Filipino Muslims pray at the Grand Mosque, also known as Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, the country's largest mosque in Cotabato City as they end their monthlong fasting on July 17, 2015. </span>
<span>4 year old Datu Artel wears a Muslim headgear used in the Sagayan, a traditional Maguindanao war dance at the J. Marquez Elementary School of Peace, Cotabato City on March 18, 2015.</span>
<span>A woman peeks from a row of mannequins garbed in the happy colors of the hijab inside a stall at the Barter Trade Center in Cotabato City. The center is known for selling locally handwoven fabrics as well as textiles from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in colors that might as well be the colors of peace when it dawns on Mindanao.</span>