<span>A boy living near the Golden Mosque in Quiapo enjoys an instant shower from recent overcast skies. Two typhoons early this week skipped Metro Manila but carried with them gusty winds and rain showers.</span>
<span>KITE RUNNERS Children from Barangay Puro, Legazpi City, Albay, enjoy the great outdoors even in the heat of summer as they challenge the wind with a kite made by their father, April 22, 2016. Locals create simple kites usingindigenous materials like paper, wood, plastic and wire.</span>
<span>Young boys enjoy the slides at a children's playground at Luneta Park in Manila on the second day of the new year. Many Filipino families still flock to the park on holidays to enjoy the biggestpublic open space in the metropolis, January 2, 2016.</span>
<span>A colorful therapeutic wall mural adorns the lobby of the Philippine Children's Medical Center in Quezon City where kids at the outpatient department wait for treatment on July 10, 2014. The international medical community observes World Population Day every July 11. This photo won the Best News Photo category of the 37th Catholic Mass Media Awards.</span>
<span>A child plays inside a giant concrete sea turtle which is one of the attractions inside the Rizal Park Children's Playground in Luneta, Manila on July 19, 2015.</span>
<span>Children enjoy a school-free day along a flooded area in Road 10, Tondo, Manila on July 8, 2015. The country has been experiencing heavy rainfall as Typhoon Falcon continues to enhance the southwest monsoon.</span>
<span>Children use a dead mangrove tree as a diving board for swimming in the sea off Barangay 84, Burayan in Tacloban City on November 6, 2014. International aid group Action Contre La Faim is helping them recover from the disruption of their lives caused by Supertyphoon "Yolanda."</span>
<span>The bubbles may be fleeting but the joy they bring is sure to last for a child who found a little piece of heaven at Rizal Park in Manila on September 11, 2014.</span>
<span>Children smile and flash the "peace sign" to a passing truck carrying United States soldiers participating in the search and rescue operation for victims of landslide in Barangay Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte Philippines on February 23, 2006. The mudslide killed more than a thousand residents and buried the whole baranggay of Guinsaugon.  The rescue operation was put to stop a week after due to a threat of another mudslide. </span>